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UK Registered Charity No 1150031

The Weinstock Fund makes grants to fund projects and activities carried out by other charities.

Intending applicants must note the following:

Who may apply?
The Trustees consider applications from UK-registered charities and exempted charities. The Weinstock Fund does not accept applications from individuals.

The Trustees prioritise charities that the Weinstock Fund has supported historically. An application by a charity not benefitted by the Weinstock Fund since 2018 is unlikely to succeed.

Unless the Weinstock Fund has supported your charity in or since 2018, your application is very unlikely to succeed if:

What type of work does the Weinstock Fund support?
The Weinstock Fund supports charities working in the following areas:

How do we apply?
You must register first in order to complete your application online Registration & Online Application. You will then be asked to check your eligibility for a grant by answering five brief questions.

The following documents must be uploaded in electronic format:

Once you have completed and submitted your application you will receive an automated confirmation by email that it has been received.

How long will it take to consider our application?
You will be able to check progress by logging back into your application. Applications may take several months to process.

Contact with your charity with regard to your application
You must notify the Weinstock Fund if the contact for your application or contact details at your charity change after you have submitted your application. If you do not do so your application may be jeopardised.

When can we re-apply?
You may re-apply a year after receipt of a grant or notification of an unsuccessful appeal.

Your email address will be used to send:
Any personal data which you provide in your application will be processed in accordance with the Weinstock Fund’s privacy policy.